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Ever since I can remember (at least 6 years old) I have had bad anxiety and the earliest memory I have is always being sick! I used to be sick on long car journeys, (sometimes before I even got in the car because the thought alone made me panic) on the way to the airport,… Read More Emetophobia

Self Development

When Anxiety Returns

If you have read my previous blog posts then you will know that I used to suffer badly with anxiety, like really badly! However, after fixing my hormonal imbalances, seeing a herbalist and working on mindfulness I haven’t had an anxiety attack for a good few years now (aside from when I’m travelling or my… Read More When Anxiety Returns

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My Vitiligo ‘Cure’

Following on from my blog post on my Vitiligo story¬†and how it has started to re-pigment I was featured in a few online publications:   Since being featured in these publications I have been inundated with emails and messages from people asking me what I have done to re-pigment my skin.… Read More My Vitiligo ‘Cure’