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My Acne Cure

Emma Corrine - Cystic Acne

Acne… we all hate it, right?! This article inform you of my natural acne cure.

I first started to get acne around puberty and it got worse and worse, I tried absolutely every cream, lotion, potion, tablet you could think of and nothing worked! My acne was still pretty bad around the age of 17/18 so my Doctor suggested going on the contraceptive pill to balance out my hormones and to see if it helped. All of my friends were on the pill and I thought ‘hey, any pill that banishes acne is good with me!’ so I started taking a pill called ‘Yasmin.’

Within a matter of months my acne had completely disappeared and I was so happy! I carried on taking the pill and I put my spotty, painful, acne hating days behind me. I was on the pill for NINE years and in that time I had no idea that the pill was masking my real underlying health problems which triggered the acne in the first place.

Fast forward to nine years later and I had started treatment with a herbalist to try and cure my ‘incurable’ vitiligo. In order to use certain herbs I had to come off the contraceptive pill as being on it prevented them from working, so I made the decision to come off of the pill for good! This was when my skin and body went really crazy!

A few months after coming off the pill I noticed that my headaches and migraines had completely disappeared and that I wasn’t as anxious as I used to be BUT I was developing pimples which were quickly turning into big spots and then eventually cystic acne. I should also mention here that although I had some acne on my forehead, 90% of it was around my chin and jawline – This is the biggest sign of acne caused by a hormonal imbalance. The acne spots were huge, painful, disgusting and made wearing any kind of make up virtually impossible because the make up just dried around them. I was determined to stay off the pill and ride out this acne and stay positive but there were some days when I just didn’t want to go to parties or even have my photo taken, ugh!

Originally when coming off the pill my cycles were still regular but after around six months they completely stopped, my acne got even worse and I gained a lot of weight within the space of two months! I was craving salt and sugar, I was absolutely exhausted by 1pm each day, had cramps in my ovaries and I felt like absolute shit! My herbalist had put me on a tincture to help balance out my hormones and she also advised me to have an ultrasound done. The ultrasound revealed that I had Polycystic Ovaries (joy) and I had also paid for private blood tests to be done through my herbalist at this stage. The blood tests revealed that I had severe adrenal fatigue which was affecting my hormones amongst a lot of other things which I shall discuss in a separate blog post.

My herbalist made a change to my herbal tincture to target the PCOS, adrenal fatigue and the underlying conditions found from my blood tests. I also had to make big changes to my diet, do gentle exercise, get plenty of sleep and really work on trying not to be stressed whatsoever. Within the space of two months my acne had started to reduce and my cycle was back – every month to the exact day! My acne has continued to disappear since then and within the space of 9 months it was completely gone! I still have an odd spot once in a while or around my monthly cycle but now I’m working on fading the scars instead.

Nothing external helped my acne but I have found that switching to 100% natural face soaps and moisturisers has helped the condition of my skin. Changing my diet along with the tailored herbs has been the biggest life changer for me – There isn’t much use in me mentioning the herbs I take because they will be different for each individual. I don’t eat dairy, processed foods, processed sugars, bread or wheat (although sometimes it does happen, oops!) and I only drink alcohol like a couple of times a year. If, at times like Christmas I do have some chocolate/crisps/bread I instantly start to get spots and feel like crap so I soon go back to eating clean again. I also drink apple cider vinegar and Bentonite clay separately everyday to detox my body and liver, I take supplements for separate conditions and I only drink water and herbal teas.

I have attached a face mapping chart for acne below which personally I have found to be very accurate, particularly with the liver, gut and hormones.


This was my personal experience with acne and it is important to note that each person will have acne for a different reason so it is important to do your own research and to seek professional help and advice too.

I hope you have found this article helpful and that it helps you with healing your acne. If I can help you in anyway please do get in touch



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