Bentonite Clay

I have been suffering with an extremely annoying viral infection for around two weeks now so I decided to turn to my trusted friend – Bentonite Clay!

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking ‘how on Earth is clay going to get rid of a viral infection?’ believe me, everybody I’ve spoken to about this has said exactly the same but let me explain…

Bentonite Clay is very different to regular clay, it is made up of positive ions which swell and produce an electrical charge once hydrated. These positive ions pull any negative ions, toxins and heavy metals out from the body and they replace excess hydrogen in the cells with oxygen instead. Quite a lot of health problems, particularly auto immune diseases can be caused or aggravated by parasites, toxins, candida and excess heavy metals in the body; Bentonite Clay pulls these out of your body, it’s amazing!

There are a few great brands of clay that you can buy but it is important to only buy a filtered clay that is safe to ingest. My favourite brand to use at the moment is ‘Redmond’ as they’re a very trusted brand, their clay is 100% natural and filtered and it works! It is extremely important that you do not store the clay near anything metal and do not use any metal utensils to mix the clay, as the clay will begin the pull the ions out of the metal and this will contaminate the clay.

So, how do I use the clay? Well, I use it in a couple of different ways but for this viral infection and my health in particular I drink it. I use a plastic medicine spoon and I scoop one spoonful of clay into a glass of filtered water, I then leave the clay to sink for just over half an hour before I stir it and drink it. You may need to continue stirring whilst you’re drinking if the clay has not completely dissolved yet. I drink the clay in the evening before bed and about half hour after I have taken my herbs, vitamins and any food. Within three days all of my symptoms, including a chest infection had gone! I have since continued to drink the clay everyday and have found it beneficial to my energy and my health.

I also use Bentonite Clay as a face mask three times a week, I mix one spoonful with apple cider vinegar (or water) in my hands and then smother it on my face whilst damp. I only leave the clay on for around 5-10 minutes and then I rinse it off, this technique helps to rid your face of acne, blackheads and scarring.

Lastly, I use a Bentonite Clay toothpaste (Redmond Peppermint or Wintergreen clay toothpaste) I then mix a spoon of Bentonite Clay with water and pack my gums out with it for an hour. This method helps to pull toxins and bacteria from your mouth whilst also allowing your teeth and gums to re-mineralize. It is actually possible to re-grow your receding gums and cavities in your teeth if you follow an extremely healthy diet and quit using Fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is in most regular brands of toothpaste and not only is it toxic to your body but it coats your teeth and prevents them from re-mineralizing and healing.

I’m so glad I started using Bentonite Clay and would be interested to know if you have ever used it and what benefits you have had from using it?



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