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Creating A Blog?

Creating a blog?

Perhaps you love to write or you have a lot of great advice to give?

Before you create your blog it is important to know the reason WHY you are doing it, this will help you in knowing what to blog about. I always say to focus on the topics you’re passionate about and you’ll find that you always have something to say!

As anyone who knows me will tell you – I have always been very vocal, very good at giving advice and very passionate about helping people and standing up for what I believe in. These were the main reasons I decided to create a blog because a) I am always receiving messages from people asking for my advice and b) I have a lot of knowledge and experience to give.

Once you know the topics you wish to blog about it’s time to actually create your blog! I did some research and chose to create a free blog at first with WordPress because I wanted to make sure that I enjoyed blogging before I committed to spending any money. I created my blog a month ago and have received lots of great feedback from people online, I really enjoy blogging so have now decided to move from a free WordPress blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog. The free service with WordPress was very limited so after a lot of research and amazing feedback from other bloggers I chose to use a company called SiteGround and this company is awesome! Not only are they incredibly affordable but they load websites faster than other hosts and they can handle more website traffic! Within the space of a few minutes I had my domain name sorted, my hosting sorted and they had moved everything from my old blog over to this blog! Their customer service is second to none, they are efficient and they are always available on the live chat to assist you with any queries or problems you may have along the way. I found customising my blog through them so easy and quick, you can choose from so many great templates and within 45 mins my blog looked exactly as I wanted it to. I will be using SiteGround again to build my new photography business website and I highly recommend them if you’re looking at creating a blog or website yourself.

I find blogging very enjoyable and therapeutic and I hope that this has encouraged you to get started. We all have a story to tell and a way of helping others so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, you never know who you’re inspiring.

Emma xo
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