Emma Corrine Portraits

You may or may not know that I have been a Professional Portrait Photographer for ten years now.

Portrait photography has always been my passion because it not only allows me to connect with my client on a personal level and to capture their unique personality, but it also allows me to create a moment in time and a timeless memory for their children to look back on in years to come.

I believe whole heartedly in printing your photographs because in today’s digital world photographs can be so easily lost. These printed photographs will outlive you! They are precious, timeless and a keepsake for your children and loved ones to cherish once you are gone. When I was a child I would always look back at old photo albums and photographs of family members – some of whom I hadn’t even met but my parents would tell me the stories of who they were and share some memories about them. I fear that in our growing digital world photos will remain on USB’s or mobile phones and never be printed! Unlike printed photographs, technology is forever changing and one day you will not be able to access your old mobile phone, or USB, just as we cannot access the floppy disk today! So it is extremely important to me that you print your photos and keep them safe.

I tend to find a lot of Mums are not in most of their children’s photos and this is such a shame because your children will want these memories. Children don’t care about what you look like or how much you weigh, they love you for who you are and they will cherish looking back on these precious moments in years to come. I am making it my mission to photograph as many Women as I can, to provide them with at least one beautiful portrait of themselves to see how truly beautiful they are and for their children and family to look back on and treasure. It’s time to start being in front of the camera ladies, not behind it.

I understand it can be daunting to be in a studio and to be in front of a camera when you’re so used to hiding away but my photoshoots are here to make you feel beautiful! I hear you, I hear your insecurities and I work with you on these, not against you.¬†You will be posed and guided every step of the way, your hair and make up will be professionally done and I will assist you on your outfit selections.

You are beautiful and it’s time to start loving yourself!



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