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Find Peace of Mind

Looking to find peace of mind?

I can be a very talkative and outgoing person by nature, so it always surprises people when I tell them that I’m actually very introverted. In this article I will share some tips on how I find peace of mind.

I find being around large groups of people or lots of noise for too long extremely exhausting and at times, irritating. I need time by myself in a quiet space afterwards to get my energy back.

I’m clairsentient which means I pick up on another person’s energy straight away, I can tell how someone is feeling and I instantly start to feel that energy myself, hence the reason I try to stay around positive people only.

Whenever I start to feel drained or down I find ways to get my mind back to a positive state and I do this by one of the following methods:

Exercise: I find that swimming is great for a gentle exercise and HIIT and dancing are a great way to release stress and built up adrenaline, particularly if you suffer with anxiety.

Self Development: I own a ton of self development books so I always make sure I have one to read that is relevant to how I am feeling, I also watch lots of motivational videos or YouTube videos of motivational speakers. Both of these really help to put things into perspective and lift your spirits. Some of the books I read a lot are ‘The Science of Getting Rich,’ ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and ‘The Go Getter.’ Some of the motivational speakers I follow and listen to are Tony Robbins, Joyce Meyer and Zig Ziglar.

Sleep: Believe it or not sometimes you just need a good old snooze! I used to sleep for up to 14 hours as a baby, shocking I know! haha. When I’m feeling completely drained I just have a lie down or get an early night and it actually helps me a lot.

Meditation: One of my favourite things to do is meditate! it really works. I either use guided meditation apps on my iPhone or I simply listen to some meditation music on my Spotify playlist. Music definitely changes your mood and how you feel so I only listen to calming music. Some of the apps I listen to are ‘Louise Hay Affirmations,’ ‘Attract Wealth’ ‘Law of Attraction Affirmations’ and I also listen to some affirmation videos on YouTube.

Films: I’m really not much of a fan of TV but I absolutely love watching films! I love a good action film but I mainly watch drama films or films based on true success stories.

Gratitude Lists: I write a long list of everything and anything that I am grateful for and this instantly lifts my mood, we are so fortunate and have so much to be grateful for, I find this method works wonders for me.

I hope you have found this post interesting and I’m interested to know – how do you get your peace of mind back?



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