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How To Be Happy

I have been asked a few times recently how I manage to be so happy all of the time but to be honest I didn’t even realise I was! I get irritated and angry at times just like everybody else – especially when I’m driving and when I’m hungry. (I know my other half is nodding his head right now haha)

I had a think about this question and I realised that although I am generally a very outgoing person and I like to have a laugh, being happy isn’t really about jumping around all of the time and never getting pissed off, it also isn’t about having a ‘perfect’ life without any struggles. Happiness is about being grateful for everything you have, accepting the person you are, acting from a place of love and looking at the positive side to every struggle you come across.

Some people believe that money and material things will make you happy but this just isn’t true! Yes, you may be happy with your new purchases for a while, until you get bored or down again and then you’ll just buy something else that you don’t need to make you feel better again. You may be working your arse off for tons of money but how much money will be enough? When will you stop? What do you need this money for? Do you even know? There is nothing wrong with having money or owning material things of course but they do not make you happy!

Happiness is a choice and you can choose to be happy, you can choose to be grateful and you can choose to look on the positive side. I understand that it can be hard to remain upbeat when people are angry, rude or bitter towards you in life but they are reacting from a place of pain, they are deeply unhappy somewhere within themselves so try to understand this rather than responding or reacting to it. It can be easy to feel irritated when you’re stuck in a situation or a job that you dislike but the only way to get out of that situation is to be grateful for where you are right now! When you are grateful for what you have right now you will attract more of the things you want. Life can really drag you down at times and you can be given the most horrific news sometimes but it is important to always keep the faith! Whatever pain you’re going through in life there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel and a time when things are not so bad. Everyone has a story and everyone experiences pain but I believe your pain and your experiences can help somebody else in the world going through the same thing. Happiness comes from within, it comes from you! When you work on yourself and your mindset your life will change for the better.

Alongside working on my mindset I have found that exercise helps me to remain upbeat – I can’t do HIIT workouts right now but walking, swimming and yoga have really helped to relieve my stress levels and chill me out. I have also found that eating healthy makes me feel a ton better! Whenever I have had occasional biscuits or bread I start to feel really sluggish and horrible so I will instantly go back to eating real, natural foods again and I notice a change in my energy levels and my mood. You may have read my previous blog posts on gratitude and meditation? If not then definitely check those out because they are the major game changers for me when it comes to boosting my happiness levels!

The final point I would like to make on being happy is that you’re human! You will get setbacks, you will get angry, you will be fearful and you will be down sometimes – allow these feelings in but don’t allow them to stay too long. The world works in equal exchange – Good and bad, dark and light, ups and downs … the bad moments allow you to appreciate the good moments so ride it out because tomorrow is another day.

Make the choice to be happy with who you are, where you are and where you’re going.

Emma xo

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