Life Update

Life recently has been very busy for me (hence the lack of blog posts) so I thought I would give you a little update on what has been going on.

You may or may not know that aside from being a Blogger and attending yoga, swimming and dancing every week, I also own and run two businesses and this is the main reason why I have been so busy over the past few weeks. Father’s Day orders were coming in thick and fast at  so I have been working extremely hard on getting those handmade and sent out in time for the big day, alongside re-photographing products and revamping the new website behind the scenes. I have also been busy with planning and photographing some really beautiful photoshoots within my second business, I will be sure to upload some of the photos from these onto my upcoming blog posts and I’m really happy with how they turned out. There is so much involved in running businesses but I absolutely love it and I’m sure that any Entrepreneurs reading this will agree

I’ve been ensuring that I have more of a social life this year, so rather than just working non stop I have been busy seeing my friends, spending quality time with my man and also my family. Yesterday was a family day around my parent’s house for Father’s Day and it was a lovely day – lots of food and scorching weather to go with it! I’m back to work today with an extremely busy week ahead and I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck in. I am going on holiday again in July which leaves me with just a few weeks to get my work done in time but I like a challenge and I can’t wait to be on the beach in hot weather! I will be taking lots of photos and videos on my break to share with you all on my return, so if there is anything in specific you would like me to photograph let me know in the comments.

Aside from being extremely busy I have also noticed some great improvements in my health! I feel more energetic, healthier and my Vitiligo is continuing to repigment too, woohoo! I haven’t actually written a full blog post about my Vitiligo and health yet but I will be writing one soon, I promise! – I’m collecting photos, evidence, and tracking progress in the meantime so subscribe to stay updated on that blog post.

That is about all I have to update you on for now but I will post another update very soon.



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