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Oil Pulling

So today I want to write about oil pulling!

Some of you will know about oil pulling and some of you won’t. Oil pulling is an ancient method that involves using coconut oil similarly to a mouth wash every morning and in this post I will tell you how to do it.

I have been oil pulling for over four years now and I do it religiously everyday because it works. I discovered oil pulling when my gums were receding badly, red roar and in absolute agony! I was frantically searching online for a way to grow my gums back naturally (yes this can be done, more on this in a later post.) I discovered this incredible method and my gums are no longer red or soar and my teeth are not sensitive, it also works as a natural teeth whitener which is a great bonus.

So how does it work? Well, the coconut oil pulls all of the bacteria and toxins out of your mouth, teeth and gums so when you spit it out you can say bye bye to them! Not only does this prevent build up in your mouth (which can cause dental problems) but it also prevents all of that nastiness breaking off into your blood stream and causing other problems such as ear infections and sinus infections.

How do I do it? Well, first of all I purchase raw, cold pressed and organic coconut oil. This can be purchased online, at Holland & Barrett and even at Aldi. There are alternative oils you can use, such as sunflower but coconut oil is anti bacterial and worked the best for me.

Each morning as soon as I wake up I take around half a tablespoon of the coconut oil and leave it to melt in my mouth, then I gently swish it between my teeth, under my tongue and around my mouth for 20 minutes (although you may need to start with 5 minutes and build up to 20.) Do not swallow any of the oil as it is toxic. You can then spit out the oil into the toilet, not the sink (as it will block it up) and rinse your mouth fully before bushing your teeth as normal.

That’s it! So simple, quick and easy but it makes such a difference to your health. Have you tried oil pulling? Let me know how you got on in the comments below.





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