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Photo Memory Box

I found my old memory box today so I thought I would share some of the photos with you, I have literally hundreds of photos inside so I’ve selected a few of the best (and funniest) to show you.



Okay so these are the earliest photos from my box… In the first photo you can clearly see my early love for photography and polar necks haha! This photo was taken at my nan and granddad’s house and I think I was roughly 6?. The second photo was taken at my parent’s house and I clearly thought I was some kind of supermodel here, I think I was maybe 9? The last photo was taken with my sister over Hainault Forest, I obviously had a huge love for Minnie Mouse and although it looks like I was a football fan I actually sucked at playing football! I have no idea how old I was here, at a guess I would say 4/5?



These photos were taken when I was 16/17 between the stages of leaving school and leaving sixth form. The first photo was with one of my old friends, Loretta at the place I hated the most – high school! The second photo was taken down O’Grady’s with some of my best friends, two of which I’m still extremely close with now, I clearly had a love for ratty hair extensions at this stage! The third photo was taken at home just before I went clubbing with one of my friends, I had a phase of going through layered clothes back then. The final photo was taken at my old friend’s house and I actually loved those blonde highlights at the time haha!



I used to absolutely love taking these photos! haha! There was a bowling alley called ‘Number Ten’ in Romford and I was always in there as a teenager. They used to have a Photo Booth that created these funky photos. I think I was 16 in the photos on the right with my sister and I was 17 in the photos on the left with my best friend Nicole.



Wow somebody call the fashion police! haha! These photos were taken when I was 17/18 and going clubbing most of the week! I’m wearing awful, ratty hair extensions in the first photo with an Egyptian style tunic which I actually loved! In the second photo I clearly had a dodgy hairdresser and OMG those white jeans!!!! The bathroom always had the best lighting so a lot of my photos were taken in there *cringe*

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