Power of a Photograph


This photo here is of my Great Nan and Great Grandad – Alf and Lina. In this photo they were toasting their wedding anniversary after receiving a letter from the Queen.

Alf was a surviving prisoner of World War II- he was captured by the Japanese and left to die, he wasn’t even told that the war had ended. He made a diary out of envelopes and wrote in it everyday saying how much he missed my Nan, Lina and their children and that he didn’t think he would get back alive.

I was very blessed to have met, grown up with and seen my Great Grandparents regularly, right up until I was 11. Everytime I see this photo I remember my grandad’s love for toffees, my nan’s funny comments, R Whites lemonade, taking us to feed the ducks near their house, making me sandwiches, watching Errol Flynn films, the painting my Great Uncle created that hung on wall to the left of my Nan, the photo of them that was on the wall behind my nan’s head and my Grandad’s jar full of Poppy’s that he collected.

Even though this photo became damaged, I managed to restore it and re-print it for me and six members of my family and so their memories live on.

Now do you see the power of a photograph? And why it’s so important that we take them AND print them?! These photographs outlive us for generations to come Xoxo

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