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Time to Reflect

During May I decided to spend some time away from writing my blog & running my businesses and go on a break away to just switch off, relax and reflect. I’m the type of person to always be switched on, always thinking/creating/doing something and over the past few years I have been working non stop on my businesses and now my blog. I would be awake from 6/7am everyday and be going to bed at 1am the next morning because I was awake all night making orders, updating my website, planning or just generally running my businesses. The lack of sleep was beginning to burn me out and wasn’t good for my health problems and I also realised that I was always working and not taking enough time to relax and enjoy life, so this year I decided that although I would still work hard I wouldn’t run myself into the ground and gave myself days to completely step away from work.


When you start a business you will be working tirelessly in the very beginning to get it off the ground but there comes a time when you need to give yourself breaks to step away from it all, to recharge and to get your creative energy back! Not only will these breaks be good for your business but they will be great for your health and your family/relationships too. When you love your business and it’s your passion you don’t feel like you’re working and it’s addictive! You may find it hard to step away sometimes but just know that doing so will bring a fresh approach to your mind and to your business.

How can you ensure that you’ll be able to step away from work? Well here are two of my tips:

1) Price yourself correctly

When I first started my business my prices were ridiculously cheap! I started my business as a hobby so I wasn’t overly fussed about earning loads and loads of money, however when you’re actually running a professional business it is a whole different ball game. You not only have to pay for stock, packaging and courier prices but all of your design software, your website, logo, marketing, equipment, insurance, travel, taxes etc and if you want to grow and employ people then you need the money to hire people – I don’t know anyone willing to work for pennies, do you?! It is not greedy to charge higher prices, it is, in my case at least, necessary! You cannot afford to hire people, take a day off, go on holiday or even retire if you are just scrimping by because you’re too afraid that people won’t pay your prices. Charge what you need to and provide the equivalent value and service to your customers.

2) Outsource 

When you first start running your business you’re a one man (or woman) band, you take on every single role required of you and it’s bloody tiring! If there are roles you hate or that you’re just not great at then outsource them! I outsource certain parts of my business and it is so much easier, it gives you time to spend on growing your business and tackling the tasks that you’re amazing at! If you’re struggling or procrastinating at certain tasks then definitely have a think about outsourcing, I have lots of contacts that I can put you in touch with.


I’m feeling very refreshed, motivated and driven after taking a break away from my workload and I’m full of lots of new ideas to implement into my businesses! If you would like to find out more about my businesses and what I do then feel free to check out my websites below:


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I hope that you have found this blog post useful and that you are booking your holiday now, hehe!





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