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Weight Shaming

A topic I feel very strongly about is weight shaming, why? because it used to happen to me all the time!


I may be at a healthy weight now but I was always naturally skinny when I was younger. To make matters worse, I went down to a ridiculous weight of 5 and a half stone thanks to ‘Osteomyelitis.’ I was as skinny as it gets, white as a sheet with braces and vitiligo so I already felt pretty shit about myself and my weight without constantly hearing ‘OMG you’re so skinny’… ‘OMG you look disgusting’… ‘Eat a burger’… ‘Who wants to look like a bag of bones?!’… ‘Are you anorexic?’

Even when my Osteomyelitis was cured I was still a very skinny person and although I now know that was because of my underlying health conditions and hormonal problems, I didn’t know at the time. I was eating all the time but I never gained weight even though I desperately wanted to and people would always comment on my weight.

I don’t know why people feel it’s okay to comment on a person’s weight but I wrote this blog post because I would like people to stop and think before they make these comments. How do you think it feels to have comments like these thrown at you so often? It’s very hurtful. The person you say these comments to may be stressed or depressed, they may be grieving or heartbroken and unable to eat, they may be severely ill and wasting away because of a disease, they may just naturally be very slim or they may have an eating disorder and already be conscious of their weight without you adding to their concerns. There are a million reasons why a person can be skinny or slim but throwing hurtful comments their way is not going to help matters.

There are of course times when you may actually be concerned and worried about a person’s health due to their sudden change in weight e.g. in the case of an eating disorder. It is natural to be concerned and there is nothing wrong in approaching someone close to you if you feel that something is going on but approach the topic in the right way. It is best not to mention their weight but to simply ask if everything is okay because you noticed they’re looking rather troubled lately/keep feeling under the weather/had a lot to deal with and listen and support the person in the best way possible.

We all need love and support, not hate and criticism!

This blog post is a very brief one but I felt it was an important topic to address and I hope that you have found it useful.



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